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Snowboard Kids - NTSC - ChampionCartridge

Snowboard Kids - NTSC

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Model Number: 64bit
Nintendo Model: Nintendo64
Compatible Brand/Model: Nintendo

The sun is shining, the powder is fresh, and you've got nothing to do but strap on your board and hit the slopes. Like a cool combination of 1080 SNOWBOARDING and MARIO KART 64, SNOWBOARD KIDS combines intense snowboarding action with a cartoon-style competition. You can play as Slash, Linda, Nancy, Jam, or Tommy (all 10-year old kids), and choose from nine different customizable boards. Each board has a distinctly different style and skill set, and you can even choose designs for and repaint the deck you select. It's also possible to earn more prestigious boards as you advance in the competition. Take to the snow in five different modes of play, including Battle Race, Multiplayer Battle, Time Attack, and Skill Games. There's also a half-pipe competition and nine various tracks set over all sorts of terrain (you didn't think this would be limited to snow, did you?). As variety is, indeed, the spice of life, the designers of the game have included a whopping 36 different tricks for you to master and show off, and SNOWBOARD KIDS also features good use of Rumble Pak capability. Up to four players can compete in this wintry adventure.